The OMG Branding Solution

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OMG uses a branding process that helps builds sales, improves your bottom line and helps you consistently speak about your product or service.

Our process operates as a crucial checkpoint for succinctly communicating brand strengths facilitating a true, sustainable customer relationship with target audiences. The focus is on developing a distinguishing brand value proposition that reflects the substance of your product and its benefit(s) to your target audience.

We develop a brand value proposition to over-arch the product or service to connect with buyers on a higher plane, one that ideally provides them with an emotional benefit they can relate to, one that attracts them to your offering and then makes them a client for life.

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This is similar to the strategy that sees:

  • Clarica sell clarity rather than insurance policies...

  • Sunlight sell the freedom to get dirty rather than merely detergent...

  • Fujifilm sell creativity rather than film…

  • MedicAlert sell the joy of life rather than medical bracelets..




We design a customized program that fits comfortably into your budget so you can be confident it’s affordable and measurable.

The benefits include:

  • a compelling brand value proposition that distinctly defines your offering...

  • consistent and highly focused messaging for your target audiences

  • defined components for ensuring your marketing is consistent

People Often Confuse Branding With Corporate Identity & Image

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  • Corporate identity refers to an organization’s name, its logo - its visual expression or its “look”
  • Corporate image is the public’s perception of the organization (whether that perception is intended, or accurate, or not)
  • Corporate branding, by contrast, is an on-going business process - one that is planned (or should be), strategically-focused and integrated throughout the organization. It intrinsically reflects the pledge you make to key audiences that says you’ll deliver what you say you’ll deliver.
Communicated with planned consistency branding will establish:
  • who you are (familiarity)

  • what you are committed to (value proposition)

  • why prospects should pick up on the proposition you make (motivation)

  • how the proposition acts as a solution (fulfilling prospects’ unmet needs)

  • why prospects should believe the claims you make for the quality of services you offer and the value of the ongoing customer relationship proposed (credibility)

The Methodology

Our process begins by conducting research into your sector, including past experiences, customer needs, best practices, competitors messaging etc.
From this flows an agenda for a full day meeting. At this intensive, high level meeting we help you identify barriers that often separate your products and services from target market adopters. This results in creation of an impactful Brand Value Proposition to propel and motivate target audiences.

The process also includes identification of Support Claims to substantiate the value proposition, Brand Characteristics to ensure consistency of tone across all creative expressions, as well as Ranked Target Audiences and Communications Objectives.

In the meeting, we effectively define your Brand’s “DNA” as follows:

  • Brand essence (who the organization is)
  • Functional ability (what the organization delivers)
  • Points of difference (what makes the organization extraordinary)
  • Source of authority (claims the organization can make to support the brand selling proposition)
  • Brand character (the organization’s personality)
  • Predominance (the organization’s unique edge over competitors)
  • Mandatory branding elements (“must haves” in any communications)
  • Positioning (the organization must be desirable, must be distinctive, must deliver on the value proposition)
  • Values (the organization’s merit equation that leads to customer centric benefits)
  • Insight (the organization’s unique sector knowledge that translates into an advantage for the buyer)
  • Functional and/or emotional benefit (the organization fulfils the buyer’s unmet needs and creates satisfaction)

At this point in the process we believe you have a solid foundation upon which to build your communications and marketing.

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