About us

OMG has a wide range of experience covering a broad variety of industries. We are a team of talented experts who work closely with clients to identify winning strategies and create effective communications, whatever the medium. We plan, create and produce websites, apps, social media, advertising campaigns and supporting collateral materials including annual reports.

We are process driven and believe that creating a strategic “road map” is the first step in a communications project. Working from a developed strategy is often the difference between success and failure in any campaign.


  • Tim Spence -

    With 25 years of senior level experience in
    marketing, advertising and corporate
    communications, Tim has assisted both large and
    small organizations to grow.

    Tim's responsibility is to ensure we produce highly
    successful marketing and advertising programs for
    our clients. We do this by first developing a solid
    strategic foundation. What follows naturally is
    targeted communications: saying the right thing in
    the right place to the right audience.

    Contact: Tim

  • Scott Sears -
    Creative Director

    Scott is the creative eye and filter for everything that OMG produces. Scott has built brands, revitalized old ones and transforms frustration into positive user experiences. With 4 years of art school and over 14 years in Communications, Scott has a creative archive of ideas and experiences to draw from. He doesn't just make you look good. He thrives on process and project management which makes him extremely efficient, resourceful, and organized.

    Contact: Scott

  • Justin Blayney -

    With the online world becoming more encompassing,
    Justin uses his talents to create a gripping web
    presence for clients. That means using the extensive experience he has gained in graphic design, website creation, Flash, eCommerce programming, database programming, fine art, photography and many other multimedia skills.

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