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Branding - More than just a logo

Branding goes beyond your logo and tagline. It's the core philosophy and culture of your company. OMG uses a branding process that helps build sales, improves your bottom line and helps you consistently speak about your product or service. The focus is on developing a distinguishing brand value proposition that reflects the substance of your product or service and its underlining benefits to consumers. We develop a brand value proposition to over-arch the product or service to connect with buyers on a higher plane, one that provides them with an emotional benefit they can relate to, one that attracts them to your offering and makes them a client for life.

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Imagine your marketing succeeding at rates you never thought possible, like the 1,250% sales boost we created for one of our clients. Breakthrough marketing success is achievable when you give your prospect meaningful reasons to purchase your product or service. That's because we know marketing isn't merely ads, websites and brochures: it's penetrating the clutter with arrow-like precision, connecting you to targeted customers, increasing your sales on a sustainable basis and building your bottom line.


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The World Wide Web - The latest trends and technologies

Judicious, process-driven planning coupled with a keen understanding of the user and their needs is the foundation of providing a positive user experience. This foundation brings clarity in the ability to reflect brand strengths that are sustainable. Our process reflects this in our WebProbe, a process which we use on every web project we take on. With WebProbe we take a strategic look at your needs and develop a web presence to fit them.

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Advertising - Ideas. BIG ideas. They're our business.

Whether it's an ad in a magazine, a social media campaign, guerilla marketing, or an e-blast. Knowing what media are best suited to your budget and your target audience is essential to success.

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