WebProbe means working to a process that is
accessible and accountable, focused on:

  • getting the best site built
  • achieving all objectives from all stakeholders
  • meeting the delivery schedule
  • staying within budget
  • Along with the utilization and review research data,

    • client needs
    • user needs (user habits)
    • communications opportunities
    • showcasing the brand/reflecting brand character
    • underscoring the marketing platform
    • ease of navigation/clear U.I.
    • creative (design/copy)
    • latest up to date coding/developing
    • special features (CMS & database; Flash; RSS feeds; forms, etc.)
    • social media/ Web 2.0 opportunities
    • search engine optimization (SEO)

    Each component is tracked and goes through an internal approval process to ensure the project as a whole is not held up at any level. We understand and live under time constraints.

    Below is a diagram illustrating the Webprobe Process

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